Lighting solutions for trucks

Extreme durability, extreme performance

Optimized lighting power. Especially long durability. Vibration resistance.

OSRAM lighting solutions for trucks and commercial vehicles provide their best

Truck lamps have to withstand enormous pressure, be reliable and deliver the perfect lighting. During every professional workday, truck lamps and lamps of other commercial vehicles are brought to their limit. High-performance lamps with extreme longevity light up the road perfectly each time. They improve your driving experience and safety as well as reduce breakdowns and fleet costs.

OSRAM offers truck drivers and fleet managers a variety of high-performance lamps for their vehicles. All these lighting solutions not only meet the highest quality requirements of OEM and commercial vehicle manufacturers, they also exceed European standards.

OSRAM lighting solutions for trucks and commercial vehicles

Please note: Over time, lamps produce less light and, thus, reduce the visibility of drivers at night. To fully benefit from your headlights, we advise replacing lamps in pairs before they burn out. This way, you prevent an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam.

LED: premium performance for the long distance

LED high beam and low beam for trucks1

LEDriving HLT

Experience powerful LED light in your vehicle now. With LEDriving HLT LED lamps, you get cool white and powerful light with up to 6,000 K color temperature in the high and low beams of your truck. You can see farther and spot signs sooner.

With a longer life thanks to LED technology and a 3-year OSRAM warranty2, you'll need fewer lamp replacements:
More money and more time for you!

See the portfolio: LEDriving HLT

Halogen: braving the darkness -
with halogen headlamps for professional use

The most powerful OSRAM halogen lamp for trucks


Test our high-performance halogen lamps for trucks! With more than twice the life expectancy3 , maintenance cycles are significantly extended. Up to 120% higher luminous efficiency4 ensures stronger road illumination. TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps are suitable for applications with the highest stress due to their extremely high vibration resistance.

Online tool: Calculate how much you can save with TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps! See the portfolio: TRUCKSTAR PRO

Original spare parts


Trust truck lamps in original equipment manufacturer quality. The economical solution for a variety of applications in the 24V range.

These original spare parts offer excellent value for money within a large portfolio.

See the portfolio: ORIGINAL LINE

Xenon: Long-life headlight lamps with intense light

LEDriving driving & working lights: Powerful LED technology meets ambitious design

Strong performance for versatile applications

LED driving lights

OSRAM driving lights are the first choice if you are looking for stylish accents and want to upgrade your vehicle, or if you like to drive on- or off-road at night. Robust and compact in design, LEDriving driving lights combine extremely high optical efficiency with uniform illumination and a glare-reducing reflector design.

LEDriving driving lights from OSRAM are characterized not only by their elegant design but also by their excellent light output.

LEDriving driving lights are ECE-compliant and, thus, approved for use on public roads.

More information See the portfolio: LEDriving driving lights

Professional light for professional work

LED working lights

These compact but robust headlamps are designed for the toughest operating conditions. Therefore, they are particularly hard-wearing. The intense white LEDs with extremely high optical efficiency and the sophisticated thermal management of the entire lamp help continue your work even in pitch-black darkness. With a wide beam and intense far and near field illumination, these headlights can make hard work easier.

With OSRAM LEDriving working lights, you can continue your work even at night.

Please note: OSRAM LEDriving working lights do not have ECE approval. This means that they must not be used on public roads while driving.

More information See the portfolio: LEDriving working lights

LEDguardian TRUCK FLARE Signal TA19

Support in the event of a breakdown - with a 2-year warranty2

In Germany, vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of ≥ 3.5 tons are required to carry a warning triangle and a warning lamp11. With its compact dimensions, it is easy to stow away and quickly on hand in emergency situations. Placed next to the warning triangle, it can signal the position of the stationary vehicle with its bright, amber-colored LED flashing light. White light with a color temperature of up to 6000 K means, you can also use it as an indicator light to perform maintenance and repair work on the road.

See the portfolio: LEDguardian TRUCK FLARE Signal TA19

Even more lighting options for trucks

Signal lamps, inspection lamps, interior lighting and practical spare lamp sets

1 These products are not ECE approved and must not be used on public roads in outdoor applications.
2 Exact conditions here
3 Compared to standard lamps
4 H1, H4, H7 and H11. Compared to minimum ECE R112 requirements.
5 Compared to minimum ECE R98/R99 requirements
6 Due to a special filling system instead of conventional coating
7 Compared to minimum ECE R98 requirements
8 Compared to standard xenon lamps
9 Only for online product registration. The exact conditions as well as information on registration can be found here:
10 With an average annual mileage of 14,259 km, 60% of which is driven with the lights on.
11 In Germany according to StVZO §53a TA19